Villa Buieri - Between history and reality...

Villa Buieri emerged between the 1300 and the 1400s as an old inn, thanks to the nearby Certosa di Calci, transformed for a short time into a convent. In the seventeenth century, it became an important farm where on the 8th of December 1794 Silvestro Centofanti was born. He became professor of History of Philosophy at the University of Pisa. His lessons animated patriotic pride in the students from 1841 to 1850 so much to give him the title ‘ Idol of the youth and greater glory of the Universities of Pisa’. He was the inspiration and teacher of students in Pisa who fought in 1848 in the battle of Curatone and Montanara. The students of Pisa, in much smaller numbers than the Austrians, fought till the death to weaken the opposing army, laying the foundations for future Italian victories. Silvestro Centofanti, apart from being a great scholar of Greek works, was also the Senator of Tuscany and later also of the Italian kingdom and Rector of the University of Pisa.
From family to family, Villa Buieri has stood the test of time and history up until Cristina and Augusto who with passion, dedication and enthusiasm have transformed the old house into a farm holiday, respecting and discovering its historical and cultural heritage.
Cristina and Augusto await you at the Villa Buieri ready to offer you a warm hospitality in an authentic family atmosphere.

The Farm Holiday

In a tranquil setting, completely in touch with nature, immersed in the sunbathed Tuscan countryside, you will find hospitality in comfortable rooms with bathroom and anteroom, reading room, kitchen for guest use, the swimming pool, large garden with tables – barbecue and private parking.

The Farm

A traditional family-run agricultural Farm covers about 14 hectares of woods, vineyards, summer vegetable garden, fields of grass and olive trees (over 1,000 plants) which since 2008 officially belongs to the famousStrada dell’Olio dei Monti Pisani’ The Olive Oil Road in the Hills of Pisa (typical geographical name - The company also has sheep for meat and poultry raised in a full natural context. During their stay, guests can sample the wine and extra-virgin olive oil (purchased directly on the farm) apart from other products and vegetables produced.
During your stay, you will be given a guided tour of the inside of the Villa and visit the old kitchen, the small museum of agricultural tools and crafts of farmers from the past including the cellar with natural spring and water.

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